"Ordinary Time"? DOESNT MEAN "Boring Time"!

For about six months of the year,   the season of the church change frequently.  Advent,  Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday, seem to quickly come and go off of the top of our bulletins.    But now we enter the time of  year where those that change the altar cloths go into the 'off season' as very, very few changes are made.  For about 6 month,  we enter the church year that focuses on discipleship, the church,  and faith in daily life.  

This season of the church has traditionally been referred to at Bethany and many ELCA congregations  as   "Sundays after Pentecost" or the "Season after Pentecost.  It is the season of the church that we focus on how God is active in our everyday lives, and our place in God's kingdom.    

Many churches refer to this time as "Ordinary Time", stemming from viewing the other 6 months as the extraordinary time-where we recount many of the specific times in Jesus life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension.  In this time we still reflect on the extraordinary love of Jesus Christ,  but we place an emphasis on living and sharing this extraordinary love in our ordinary every-day lives.   

Does that mean that calling this time of the church year changes its meaning?  No,  we are using the term "Ordinary"  to highlight the extraordinary and to bring a small opportunity at the beginning welcome of service to remind one another of God's abundant grace.