Start the day off right.

Suggestions to start each day with God. 


1.  Morning is the start of your day.  Your mornings might not start when others do.   Chances are you may not be living in an agricultural locale in a time before the industrial revolution-where most of society is scheduled around farming. We all  have different schedules,   so  Remember that your morning begins when you rise, it is your fresh start.


2. Prepare for the morning  through prayer the night before. I don’t do this nearly as often as I should, but before you start the new day pray about the day that ended, followed by prayer for tomorrow.   This doesn’t have to be long, 30 seconds of prayer for the day past, and 30 seconds for the morrow. BUT pray for yesterday, and tomorrow.


3. Remember your are forgiven.  As you wake up in the morning,  remember that you are forgiven by the blood of Jesus.   The morning is a fresh start,  it can be an Easter morning. My ritual in the morning is the first thing I do is look in the mirror—not to see how handsome or ugly see myself…but to remind myself that I am forgiven.  I am free to go about the day by God’s grace.   This takes seconds in the morning—to look yourself in the mirror and say “I am a child of God,  a forgiven sinner, go and love”.  Sometimes it might be “OK handsome’  God made you for a purpose DO IT”   or even “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough… and God loves me”  to adapt Stuart Smally.


4. Have breakfast.     Break the fast!   At the end of the Gospel of John we read


Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.”

Before Jesus instructed Peter to ‘lead his sheep’ he prepared and commanded the 11 disciples to have breakfast.   Disciples now are just like disciples then—we need energy to do God’s work.    For me to do God’s work,  I need “strong hands”.  Break bread to energize your cells.


5. Take a picture.     When I leave the house, I nearly always have with me my smartphone-that has my schedule, my contacts,  my work, and much more.   I dont often think that I have to remember my phone-I just do as it is that important in my daily life.  One of the ways I use technology for a purposeful morning is to take a picture of something that I should be amazed about.   It makes me slow down and do something off of my work to do list. To illustrate, starting Monday I will be posting an example each day. 


6. Worship:  For centuries—and even today—it was the practice in monasteries to have set times during the day for prayer and to hear God’s Word.  Take some time for worship-read the bible,  sing/read a hymn/  listen to part of worship. If you want to do it as a group some mornings go outside your home and worship with others. *


7. Write a letter/text/IM/   to someone to encourage them and to let them know they are loved.   Wouldn’t you love to start the day with a pat on the back out the door?  Be that pat on the back for others.  Be Barnabas (as seen in the book of Acts)  Encourage others as they start their day. 


8.   (local option) to help#5,6,7   look for upcoming events and social media posts to help you have a great morning!

Have other suggestions--share them in the comments below and I'll add them!