@ BeLutheranEscanaba.com you can

  1. Check in.    
  2. Did you love the service and want to share it with others?   Did you fall asleep during the sermon and don't want to be embarrassed when pastor Erik brings it up in conversation?   Are you out of the area and unable to join the live service?    Did you know you can listen to the previous Sunday service on the site?  Did you know that you can listen to any services at  anytime and anywhere?  You can,  go  to WORSHIP, and listen or subscribe to the Podcast.    pssst....did you know we have an app? 
  3. Events  now listed with plenty of detail
  4. ONLINE registration for many things:   This month you can register online for VBS and Great America.
  5. Add church events easily to your gCal or iCal  calendars.
  6. Connect to and from our social media sites.   
  7. A new Blog to provide you with ways to grow in Faith.
  8. Give ONLINE donations:   You can send a one-time donation, or sign up for regular giving. 
  9. Use EASILY on your mobile device.   The website is set to be used regardless of what size screen you are using. Screen are set even more efficiently with shorter download times when on a Smartphone or Tablet. 
  10. We follow Jesus teaching of  being inclusive!  Even in technology.   You can connect with us on Android, iPhone, Windows, or even Blackberry!  Log in to belutheranescanaba.com on your Mac, Windows, or Linux systems.  
  11. A simple place to connect with not only the office staff,  but more importantly to the active ministries that launch from Bethany.  
  12. be a part of an active church and be connected to others.  
  13. Parents and students can check their confirmation assignments. 
  14. Be excited to see what is to come!