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Festival of Congregational Renewal

  • Messiah Lutheran 305 W Magnetic St Marquette, MI, 49855 United States (map)

Bethany is registered and we hope you will join the group that will attend

Festival of Congregational Renewal

Coming October 10 – 11, 2014

at Messiah, Marquette


Release Time: Rev. Kevin Kaiser and Rev. Mike Laakko
Student’s are “released” from school for a time of Christian Education, snacks, music, and
more. Come hear how these youth programs are working in Republic and Crystal Falls.
~Mid-Week Sunday School: Mary Hansen (Kid’s Club from Ironwood) and Rev. Bonny
Kinnunen (CREW from Iron River.) 
Different than Release Time, some churches have chosen to move their Sunday school to a 
mid-week time. Come learn what this change means for programming possibilities and 
community outreach. 

: Rev. Chris Johnson and Rev. Dave Johnson
This organization seeks to be a positive reforming influence in the ELCA. Come hear about their efforts.

~World Hunger:
Synod Hunger Committee For Congregational Hunger Representatives and all those interested in beginning or building their church’s World Hunger 

~Prison Ministries: Rev. Jim Duehring and Dave Blomquist.
Come learn what the possibilities are for ministry in our prisons.

~Banner Making:
Rev. Chrys Levesque Hendrick
Learn one process for the visioning and creating of banners that enrich your worship space.

~Bible Study: Rev. Allan Johnson
We will soon begin the Year of Mark. Come get an overview of this unique and fascinating Gospel.

~Without Vision the People Perish: Lutheran Campus Minister Lisa Johnson.
What vision does your congregation have for its purpose? It’s mission? How is such a thing discerned and clarified? Come learn  about tools and steps you can take to discover your congregation’s mission. 

~Constitutional Review:
Rev. Doug Johnson
How out of date is your Constitution? What is the process for amending it? Where is a church to begin? Come have all your constitution questions answered, and learn why this document is so important. 

~The Great Commission Agenda for Councils: Rev. Matt Lamb
The Church Council has an important role for leadership in the church, and congregational renewal is a part of that. Come hear one  method for equipping and training councils to effectively lead their congregations with purpose.

~Advocacy: Rev. Cindy Crane of Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin.
Public policy can have a profound impact on people struggling with poverty and housing insecurity. Learn what it means to be an  advocate and what are the hunger issues facing people in the U.P. and Northern Wisconsin

~Poverty Simulation: Rev. Mary Beth Kovanen and the Synod Hunger Committee
What does chronic poverty and hunger feel like? How would you cope with powerlessness? What if you had been born in a system that works against your efforts to improve? Come get a small taste of what so many people experience every day.

~Reconciled in Christ: Ruth Almen What does it mean to be a “Reconciled in Christ” congregation? What is the process? Hear from two congregations in our synod who 
are offering intentional and public welcome to people who consider themselves LGTB. 

~Rise Up Detroit:
Rev. Katherine Finegan
Explore the possibilities - Learn about the event - Partner with other churches.

~Leading Worship BECAUSE it Matters:
Rev. Melinda Quivik
Come hear from our own Rev. Melinda Quivik who has so much to offer and teach when it comes to the importance of meaningful  liturgy, the involvement of the laity in worship leadership and planning, and practical steps to enrich worship and reach for excellence 
in the worship experience.

~Screen Time: Rev. Jim Duehring
Come hear from congregations in our synod who are using screens to enrich worship and not distract from it. Find out how screens  can be tastefully added to the worship space and provide yet another dimension to the worship service.

~Social Media:
Rev. Erik Heskin
Does our church really need to be online? (YES!) What is the best way to do this? Webpage? Facebook “Group”? Facebook  “Page”? What about photos? Privacy concerns? What are the best practices? Come hear all about it.

~Newsletters and Bulletins:
Rev. Katherine Finegan. 
What makes for a user-friendly bulletin? How do we look at things from a visitor’s perspective? What makes for a readable and engaging newsletter? Come learn some tips and share your own best practices.

~Matthew 28 in Action:
Linda Forray, LLM, Rev. Marcia Solberg and Ray Miller. 
We know we’re supposed to be “making disciples,” but what exactly does that look like? What can people do, as a congregation and  individuals, to put the Great Commission into action? What is missional ministry and how can it renew the congregation?

~Choir Mechanics – Singing and Directing: Dave Dagenais
Come learn some tips for how to get the most out of your voice, fine tune directing skills, share music resources, and learn an anthem 
for our closing worship.


Earlier Event: October 4
Later Event: October 12
Delta County Conference Meeting