Inspirational Worship

SUMMER SEASON (Memorial Day through Labor Day) Sunday morning worship at 9:30AM

MAIN SEASON (Labor Day through Memorial Day) Sunday morning worship at 8:30AM and 10:45AM


Worship is the work of the people—which is to say, it belongs to all who enter the sanctuary to encounter God and one another.  The pastor and assisting ministers lead worship, but the congregation as a whole sings and prays, listens and speaks, gives and receives, is loved and loves in return. 

The form of worship at Bethany is quite traditional, using orders of worship that have persisted over many centuries, but in language that speaks to our own.   There are songs and hymns.   There are Scripture readings and responsive readings.  We pray together.  We baptize children and adults into the adventure of Christian discipleship.  The sermon is not intended as a lecture, but as a conversation between the living Christ and the Church—you and I!  We kneel at the altar to receive the gift of God’s forgiveness in Christ, present through the forms of bread and wine.  We celebrate “open communion,” which means that Christ Jesus is the host at the table, welcoming all to be fed.  You are welcome, wherever you are in your faith journey.

Worship prepares us for a life of Christian discipleship.  Worship re-news us!  We come with hearts wide open and leave with hearts filled, so we may serve others in Jesus’ name and bear witness to Love which transforms the world. 

Worship is held at 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM most of the year, with Sunday School, coffee and fellowship, and an adult forum held between services.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is only one worship service on Sunday at 9:30AM.  Worship is offered on weeknights on special occasions throughout the year.

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